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Characteristics of a Shopaholic

English: Living room from a person with compul...

A shopaholic is a person who is addicted to shopping. This is a person who can live their entire lives in the malls or in online stores looking for things that they probably don’t even need. They end up spending a lot of money

English: Living room from a person with compul...

English: Living room from a person with compulsive hoardingBochum, Germany. Deutsch: Wohnraum einer Person mit Messie-Syndrom in Bochum, Deutschland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

which is quite unhealthy. Below are some of the characteristics of such individuals:


  • Has tagged or unopened items in the house- a shopaholic will have loads of items that have tags or are unopened in the house. These are not presents that they were given by friends and can’t seem to find any use for them but something that they bought but have not used them. Most of the time they will even forget that they have the items.
  • They buy things for the sake- while most people will visit the store to buy something that they really need, a shopaholic will but items just for the sake of buying them. This means that that they don’t even need the items in questions. They also do not plan to buy the items as they just get something that they are tempted to spend money on.
  • Frustrations or arguments brings out the shopping beast- with a shopaholic the slightest frustration or argument will spark a craving for shopping. Shopping for such people is usually considered a form of therapy that helps them escape the negativity of life. This is because shopping is done to fill an empty void in their lives. Such people also suffer from other disorders like eating, mood and substance abuse etc. Studies have shown that a person who binge eat or finds comfort in food will most likely be prone to compulsive shopping.
  • Excitement when shopping- a shopaholic will feel a certain rush of excitement every time they make a new purchase. This is not caused by the act of owning the item but simply by buying the items. Research has shown that dopamine which is a brain chemical that is mostly associated with pleasure is released when the person is shopping. This burst of such excitement can become quite addictive thus you always want to shop so as to experience it.
  • Purchases are usually followed by remorseful feelings- most of the compulsive shoppers will experience waves of guilt once they have bought the items they once desired. This does not only happen when they have made big purchases as it also applies to instances when they take advantage of bargains and other discount deals. Despite this feeling the shopper will always find some reasons to rationalize the behavior.
  • Anxiety when not shopping- a shopaholic will feel anxious on the days that they are not shopping. This is the same feeling that coffee addicts usually get when they have not started their day with a cup of coffee. This might go as far as interrupting their daily schedule in such a way that they cannot do anything without hitting the shopping courts first. Most of these shoppers will also conceal their shopping habits and will not want the people close to them that they are into compulsive shopping.
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Simple Tips on How to Declutter


Are you having difficulties decluttering? You need to work on this as soon as possible if you don’t want it to blow out of proportion which makes it more difficult to deal with. Some of the tips that you can follow on how to declutter include:

Do it in bits

A wise man once said that a journey of a thousand miles stands with a single step. The same applies when you are looking for techniques on how to declutter. Starting out is what really matters as this will set you on the right mood to move forward with the job without any problem. You can start out by having 15 minutes that are set aside to declutter one part of the house.  When your time is up and have moved on the right direction don’t forget to congratulate yourself. You can leave the work to be done the next day for a15 minutes or more until you are done.

Have a timetable

Organization is very important when adapting methods on how to declutter as this is what will make sure the job is done at the end of the day. Plan the decluttering process into sizeable chunks that you can handle without a problem. You can have sections of the house that will be worked on a daily basis until you are done. Make it a point not to go to bed before you have completed what was set out for the day.

Have a crossing line

Consider the decluttering zone a crime zone where you will be getting very important evidence as you try and adapt methods of how to declutter. The only way that you are going to get rid of all the unnecessary things is to have a line where you will place all the items on one side and slowly place the absolutely necessary items back on the shelves and the others on the other side of the line. It is important to practice ruthlessness when doing to ensure that what has to go goes. Look at all the items you have and if it has not been touched in 6 months you don’t need it.

Have a disposal plan

Obviously everything cannot be thrown out in the trash as there are some things that might be in good condition and can be used by other people without a problem.  It is therefore important to have a plan on how they will be discarded as you opt to try various methods on how to declutter. It is possible to make an extra buck by holding garage sales or selling the items online at a bargain. You can also decide to be charitable and donate the items to the needy people in the society.

When you are through working on the most ideal method on how to declutter, it is important to make sure that these practices are carried out even in future so that you don’t have to always plan for the decluttering process all the time. This implies that you will have to be very careful even when shopping and storing to avoid things that should be thrown out of the window.

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Steps to Declutter your Home

If you have decided to declutter the home, below are some of the steps that can be followed to achieve perfect results:   Make a list The first step that you need to follow is making a list of everything that needs to be done. This might take some time but it is very important […]

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The Story of the Crazy Cat Lady


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The Definition of a Hoarder

Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding And The Meaning of ...

A hoarder is a person that buys, acquires, searches and stores items that have very little or no value.  Some of the most common items that are hoarded include magazines, newspapers, plastic bags, household supplies, clothing and food.  Hoarding leads to a number of negative effects in different areas ranging from social, financial, legal, emotional […]

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Ways to Identify a Hoarder

Personal hygiene implements. Photo taken at He...

It is not that hard to identify a hoarder as there are certain qualities that are used to characterize them. Some of these include:   Ghastly bathrooms Most hoarders normally neglect personal hygiene thus you will not even want to be caught anywhere near the bathrooms. The room which should be one of the cleanest […]

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Steps to get help for Hoarding

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What is A Compulsive Disorder?

Person washing his hands

  Compulsive disorder is defined as a behaviour that involves a repeated action that, on its own, is not addictive like eating, using internet, shopping, sex and gambling.  The action is conducted repeatedly because of an impulse and usually against the individual’s interest.  To most people compulsive behaviour is a way of reducing the anxiety […]

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Simple Methods on how to Declutter

Greek trash cans

For an organized and great look in the home or even at the work place, you need to learn a few methods that can be effective when it comes to the topic on how to declutter. This will help you to live more comfortably as well as make you more productive since you will have […]

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Understanding What Disposophobia Is And How To Treat It

Compulsive hoarding in a private apartment

   Disposophobia is a term that is used to refer to mental disorder which is also known as hoarding disorder.  This is something that was discovered not long ago by DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).  It can be defined as the relationship that people have with their possessions. People who suffer from […]

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