Shopaholics: We’ve Got The Most Expensive Disease

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Alcoholism and Substance abuse are the two main addictions that come to mind when asked about addiction types. People who suffer from these two kinds of addiction usually catch their family’s attention no matter how they try to hide it.

There is this one kind of addiction that seldom gets the attention of anyone as the society rarely sees it as an addiction – shopping addiction. With a society always aiming for new things – shoes, clothes, cars, and gadgets, you’ll most like not diagnose someone who excessively shops as a person with shopping addiction but rather, as someone rich.

And while drug and alcohol addiction poses negative reputation to people, shopping addiction proves otherwise; in fact, people envy someone who shops everyday and spends incessantly. Most of the time, they perceive people with shopping issues as people who simply have nothing to do with their money, much like how we see celebrities who do the act.  Precisely why shopping addiction is never seen as something negative, well that is if you have all the money to subsidize your addiction.

And what happens if you don’t?

This is where the worse scenario comes in. You see, it is not only the rich people who are affected by the shopping addiction, but also those that don’t actually have the money. At first, they spend with what they can with their money, max out their credit cards and use up their savings. But as the condition worsens, much like any other addiction, satisfaction is no longer achieved with smaller doses, so they go up a higher notch. Shopaholics now borrow money from whoever they can to provide for their shopping needs. And since they could no longer pay for their debt as they payment also is spent in the malls, they run away from people whom they owe money and you know what happens next.

So you see, shopping addiction is much like alcohol and drugs. It also destroys the life of the shopaholic little by little until nothing else is left for him or her. This addiction can severely damage not only the social life of the person but also the physical. The shopaholic’s priority is the shopping, so he/she tends to compromise his/her nutrition for the sake of shopping. Money intended for food is now used to pay for the shopping spree.

It is actually simple, the shopaholic buys and buys until he or she gets nothing left; quite the irony there. Family and friends’ support plays an important role in dealing with this addiction as it is difficult for the addict to stop this addiction. Professional help may also be needed to combat this addiction so do not wait until everything is too late. If you know a loved one or somebody who has this addiction, establish awareness to the person concerned and seek out possible interventions that can help save the life of the affected person.

Shopping addiction is quite an expensive type of addiction, but is your life worth the price to pay?

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Shopping Addiction: A Serious Epidemic

With too many influences in the society today, you can probably get addicted to almost anything; from TV shows, to computer games, substances or activities. Every addiction is pleasurable – precisely the reason people get addicted. They long to have that pleasing and satisfying feeling after they have indulged in such addictive activity.

When someone gets addicted to substances such as alcohol and drugs, we easily know that they are hooked. However, it is a little difficult to spot one with a shopping addiction; well at least to make one admit that he or she has such behavior. While denial is the main coping mechanism for anybody who is addicted, shopaholics (as what shopping addicts are called) often do away from being marked. They often times rationalize that their shopping is an important thing as some needs arise.

Today, there is already a fine line between a need and a want. People mistakenly perceive one for another. When we see everything as a need, we feel the obligation to buy it, as the term implies and this how the addiction begins.

Shopping addiction is something that most people in the society find hard to comprehend. Most activities done today are simply for the reason to elicit pleasure. The concept of credit cards is to provide people with the means of purchasing what they want without the actual money on hand. We are indirectly encouraged to purchase things instantly instead of saving for it – no wonder shopping addiction has become widely spread in any part of the world.

In a society where delaying self-gratification is rarely practiced, we create a big room for this type of addiction. Shopping addiction is not simply the act splurging to get gratification; it could also be in a form of finding pleasure in bargains. You see, shopping addiction has many faces.

The worse part of this addiction is when the addict drowns in financial debts just to gain that feeling of pleasure and satisfaction from shopping. Just like the other types of addiction, the addict may resort to unacceptable behaviors such as stealing, selling stuff or trading in things to get the money they need to buy the things they believe will give them gratification. When this happens, it becomes very difficult for the addict to control his behavior.

Family and friends play a very big role in influencing the life of a person suffering from this condition. They can help the person monitor his shopping binges and constantly become reminders to him or her. The best thing you can offer your loved one in this kind of addiction is the support and assurance – those that he or she falsely thinks he’d acquire from too excessive splurges.

The addict may have deeper personal issues that are the underlying causes for his or her behavior and it is important to recognize these issues in order to provide appropriate help. Some addicts feel great emptiness and have found the temporary relief of it in shopping excessively. Understanding these fundamental reasons for the behavior will greatly help the person.


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