How to Deal with Hoarding Relatives


Hoarding is a condition where a person collects many unnecessary items and sometimes animals and has a hard time getting rid of them. This usually changes their lifestyle in a negative way. When a relative is diagnosed with the condition there are ways you are supposed to deal with them in order to help them recover. Below you will find a guideline on how to do that:

Don’t be too harsh- the truth is that people who are into hoarding do not think that they are doing something wrong. This means that if you approach them with a harsh attitude you might end up creating enmities that could have been avoided in the first place and you will not have solved any problem. Talk to them in a polite manner and try and explain that what they are doing is far from normal. You should get supporting materials on hoarding where you will help the patients go through it slowly until they have a glimpse of what they are really into. This should be done in phases as it might be too much to take in at once.

Show them some dangers of the behavior-  when it comes to hoarding, most people usually have some sentimental value to the things that they are keeping which is one of the reasons why they find it so hard to let go. It would help if you showed them the dangers that are caused by the behaviors so that they can decide whether they want to stop or not. There is a lot of evidence material that you can find online or in libraries that can be used as supporting documents to help shed some light on the entire situation in the best way possible.

Get required support – there are times when you can try your best but your efforts keep bouncing back on the wall. This is not the time to give up but rather get support from professionals who are trained to handle the situation. You can look for contacts from people who have already been in the situation before and have managed to get over it somehow. These are the people who will point you in the right direction to find credible professionals who will help you assist your relative to recovery. Make sure you follow the guidelines given by the profession to the later to increase chances of success.

Be a friend- people who engage in hoarding are usually lonely and sometimes only need a friend in order to get over the situation with ease. Talk to them and listen to whatever issues they may have in a bid to try and solve the problem. You can also engage in various activities such as going out to have fun or other things that will keep their minds pre occupied until they don’t want to hoard no more. This way, they might realize that they are on the wrong and want to clean up their act. Be there to offer support during and after the healing process and offer the patients as much support as they may need.

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Some of the Risks and Dangers of Animal Hoarding

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English: An American Lady butterfly against a cloud-filled sky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Animal hoarding is a problem that has continued to affect the society for years now. Because many animal owners prefer to hoard animals, this has led to heightened research by animal right activists and veterinarians interested in finding out some of the reasons that contribute to this state of things. To a large extent, this type of hoarding has been attributed to compulsive obsessive behavior, disillusionment and dementia. This issue is often addressed in courtrooms as a psychological disorder and while this is the case, it is not possible to charge individuals for cruelty or neglect noted in such instances.


It is important to note that animal hoarding differs from blatant neglect or abuse of animals. This is because the individual doing the hoarding is deeply and genuinely interested in the animals they collect. While this is the case, there are several problems that arise from this and this is what poses a major challenge. For starters, this kind of hoarding leads to unsanitary and filthy environment for all those concerned and this also includes the individual suffering from the disorder.


A large number of the animals hoarded are not well taken care of as well. They are not trained, allowed outdoors, bathed or taken care of properly and this poses a serious problem. What is more, they are kept in small confined spaces and this does not help the animals or the person keeping them. Hoarding leads to disorder and the higher the number of animals hoarded, the more cumbersome they are to manage and eventually most of these animals end up falling ill as a result of malnourishment.


Rarely do these animals get enough food, water or energy from hoarders. The weaker and smaller animals therefore end up falling sick and most of them end up dying. What is more, survival in such instances becomes a matter of been the fittest and the animals must fight to survive.


Animal hoarding is an ugly and disheartening experience once discovered because the animals are often forced to live in extremely unfriendly situations. Most people who hoard these animals have an attachment and compulsion of holding on to them and in the long run, this leads to the death of the animals if proper action is not taken. Individuals who suffer from this kind of hoarding are sick and need professional help.


The good news is that there are private programs which have been funded to diagnose such individuals and ensure they get the help they need to overcome the problem. In cases where hoarding is extreme, the individual is even prohibited from keeping pets until the mental condition they are suffering from is effectively addressed. As with any other type of disorder, it is important to note that individuals might suffer from relapses when getting treatment and for this reason, one must be willing to undergo thorough professional help in order to overcome this.


For the purpose of ensuring that the health of the individuals and the animals is safeguarded, it is essential to ensure that this type of treatment is carried out by professionals who understand the basics of offering quality help.

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