Importance of Clutterers Anonymous

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Clutterers anonymous is a fellowship of both women and men who come together to share their experiences, hopes and strengths with

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each other as they help each other recover and come up with solutions towards their cluttering problems. This is usually associated with 12 steps of recovery that are guided by 12 traditions which have worked very well in the past. Results are achieved by groups as well as individuals and this helps a person to stick to the solutions given so that they don’t have to fall for the clutter trap again.

Each of the steps that are used by clutterers anonymous is embodied by a set of principles that help people to live life effectively. This works when a person is in the program and also when they complete it. Anyone can join the program as long as they have the desire to get rid of clutter and live a normal life. It is important to note that you do not have to fork out any cash to join the program thus it is open to everyone even tough you do not have money. The program is mostly based on interchange of experience, suggestions and rotation of service and leadership.

Clutterers anonymous are not associated with any known private or public institution or organization, ideology, political movement or religious issue. This means that the members do not take a stand on any outside issues. The primary purpose of the fellowship is to help people who have cluttering problem to make sure that it does not disturb or affect them for long. The program however does not exist to educate individuals on any housekeeping tips, tips on filing and sorting or any lectures or advice on time management. It only focuses on the underlying issues that are manifested by unnecessary emotional and physical clutter.

Clutterers anonymous have successful and active meetings in various places across the globe including 70 cities in 24 states in the USA. There are also a number in Iceland, Germany and England. One of the most important things of this fellowship is the fact that a person does not feel as though they are alone. This is because they are able to meet up with people who have the same problem and are able to help each other overcome the problem they have. Since the groups usually have many members, individuals also get to hear various suggestions on how they can declutter to choose the one that suits them best since different things work for different people.

In addition to the 12 steps and traditions, clutterers anonymous also have other approved literature that includes specific leaflets, a booklet that has a total of 28 pages and 2 essential texts of AA (Alcohol Anonymous) – this is the so called “big book”. When members are using the AA book they usually replace the word alcohol with clutter. There are very many people who have been helped with the program where they were able to continue living their lives normally without any clutter and you should join them if you have a problem with clutter.

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How to Declutter your Home for Good

Overtime, your house can accumulate things that you do not really need. This usually takes up a lot of space and may cause the house to look ugly where you would not even be comfortable in your own home. When this happens, it is important to take drastic measure and learn how to declutter your home to have space and a beautiful home.  Some of the places that you can work on when removing clutter that is found in the house include:

Cupboards- these are some of the easiest places where clutter can accumulate because you just dump it in and close them. Go through all the cupboards you have one by one and remove the things that are not needed in the house. These include broken items that you have wanted to repair but have never really gotten around to it. You will be surprised on the things that you can find hidden in these places.

Closets- this is the first place that you should consider when thinking about how to declutter your home when it comes to the bedroom. Go through all your clothes and if there is something that you have not worn in over 112 months get rid of it. This is a good practice because it helps to create space for new clothes that you might want to purchase and it also helps to make dressing much easier as you only have things that you can wear.

Bookcases- there are some people who have the tendency to collect numerous books and they may not have a place to be stored. One of the tips on how to declutter your home suggests that if you have more than 300 books, it is wise to get rid of some of them especially if they are crowding the shelves without space to be displayed. The same works for magazines, newspapers and anything else that may be taking up space in the bookcase.

Children’s room- individuals who give advice on how to declutter your home suggest that this is one of the rooms that need to be handled with a lot of caution and time. This is because children tend to pile up things and have a lot of things they do not need as they outgrow them. This means that de-cluttering should be done at least twice or three times in a year or as often as you can. Get the kids involved in the project so that all the work is not left to you.

Bathroom- medicine chests and vanities normally tend to overflow with expired and things that are not needed. Go through everything that has been stored here as part of the process on how to declutter your home to ensure the bathroom is neat and it only has important things needed in the house.

One of the most important things that you need to remember when you want to get rid of clutter in the house is that you must throwaway anything that is not wanted or used. This means that your only work is not to remove everything and rearrange it again.

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