Dangers of Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding can be described as a situation where a person keeps too many pets in the house to an extent that they can no longer take care of them the way they are supposed to. Th

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is creates a harsh environment for both the animals as well as the hoarder which can lead to numerous dangers such as:

Disease development

Animal hoarding creates an ideal environment for the animals to become sick. This is because they are usually kept in a house that has deplorable hygienic conditions since the person who is responsible for taking care of them does not have the capacity to do so. This is where you will find that the living spaces are not cleaned the way they are supposed to and the animals are just supposed to sit their in filth without any changes. This of course creates a hub for the growth of harmful bacteria and other agents that makes the animals sick. Since the person engaging in animal hoarding does not take care of the animals, it means that he/she will not call in a professional vet thus the animals if not rescued become more sick and eventually die.

Nutrition problems

Animal hoarding is normally characterized by various nutrition problems. The hoarders most of the time cannot afford to feed the numbers of animals they have in their custody. This means that the animals do not get the nutrients that are needed to survive. In addition to this they will not get the vaccinations they need to stay healthy and fit. This is usually to sad for the animals as they stay underfed and don’t even get enough water thus remain dehydrated for a long time which also increases their chances of falling ill and dying.


Another danger of animal hoarding is disability. The fact that too many animals are bombarded into small living spaces usually creates a problem for movement and they can end up trampling into each other which can make the animals disabled. This means that in addition to not having any food or developing disease, the animals are also incapacitated thus cannot move around and live the way they are supposed to. This causes the animals a lot of pain and anguish and most of the time you will find them on a corner just sited “depressed” and perhaps waiting for death.

Incase you ever come into people who are into animal hoarding, it is important to make sure that you try and get them any help they need so as to get over the problem fast. Start by calling animal security and other organizations that will help rescue the animals so that they can at least find a home where they will be happy. Make sure the hoarder learns about all the dangers of the behaviors so that they can also decide to let go of the animals which makes the process much easier than forcing someone into the recovery process. Get them into a support group where they will get further help with the situation at hand so that they can continue living life normally and achieve their goals and dreams.

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Crazy Cat Lady-The Connection between Cats and Women

There are ladies who are simply crazy about cats. Dubbed as crazy cat lady, such women tend to have a high number of cats in their ownership and they also take great care of them. While this is the case, there is a lot of negative vibe associated with women who own and love cats. In essence, cats have come to be associated with spinsters or ladies who are career oriented and unable to find men.

English: Young street cats, Portugal.

English: Young street cats, Portugal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For this reason, most women who love to keep these pets are frowned upon. This is a feeling that is expressed by both sexes with women who love cats also frowning upon those who love to be surrounded by cats. In actual sense, cats seems to have taken over as the preferred pets with the population of feline pets placed at 93 million while canines are placed at 77million. What is more, according to research, at least out of 463 people who own cats, 80% of them are women. There has to be a logical explanation for this however.

There is a strong bond between women and cats. This fact has led to stereotyping that is negative and it is for this reason that there is crazy cat lady. Experts cannot exactly point out how these words got coined together. Women, on average tend to live longer as compared to their male counterparts and it is inevitable that as they continue to age, they will require company and this is where these feline pets come into the picture. Having a stray cat to take care of and nurse into health is considered the best way to stay sane and have something worthwhile doing.

Cats are small and self sufficient. This means that they don’t require a lot of care and this works perfectly for women who are always on the move and don’t have time to groom pets. What is more, when they get home, they are always assured of getting adequate company. The tendency and desire to collect a lot of cats though is considered a problem by many and this is for the simple reason most of those who choose to do this tend to be hoarders.

Additionally, a large number of those who keep a lot of cats are women and this is probably attributed to the fact that they are small and easy to maintain and round up when the need arises. Also, there is a link that connects women to cats. Cats are often branded as slinky, sneaky, hard to understand/read, mysterious and hard to please. However, cats also have some good attributes. For instance, they are known as mousers or ratters and on top of this, they are also smart. Cats know where they can find food and women are also known to care and feed everyone. To cap it all, cats have a great personality, they are social, playful and they do not approve things easily. It is little wonder therefore that you will come across crazy cat lady who is crazy about keeping cats.

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