10 Things you should Know About a Horder

2012 Behaviour Matrix copy

2012 Behaviour Matrix copy (Photo credit: Robin Hutton)

A horder is a person who collects very many items but it becomes a challenge to get rid of them when the time comes. This usually leads to a lot of clutter that is created by things that the person does not need or does not even know they have. It becomes a bigger problem when the individuals is hoarding animals as this usually leads to creation of unsuitable environment for both human beings and the animals which encourages development of various diseases. 10 things that you should know about a horder include:

1. Most of them don’t think that it is a problem- while most people think that this is a huge problem, the horder does not realize that this is not something that they need to deal with. This is one of the reasons why you will find that they get so much into it to the extent that they may need professional help to reverse the behaviors.

2. They are normal people- most of these people are very normal and given a chance they would live very normal lives without a problem. All they have to do is identify that they really have a problem and get into the right treatment plan if need be.

3. They are not really social- you will find that a horder will most likely prefer to keep to themselves while people are trying to get new friends and know more people. Most of the time it could be because of embarrassment any may not want anyone else in their space because of the pathetic state it is in.

4. Obsessive- most of the hoarders are very obsessive. This means that they do not let others borrows or touch their items.

5. Some are educated- not all hoarders are illiterate as most of them are educated it’s just that they pick up funny behaviors along the way.

6. Most learn the behaviors at a tender age- most of the hoarders usually start picking and saving the items when they are small children.

7. Most do not have support- you will find that a horder does what he/she does because they don’t have the love or support needed to stop the behavior and live a normal life.

8. A high percentage are willing to change- when they identify that they really have a problem, most of them are usually co-operative and are willing to change and declutter all aspects of their lives.

9. Some have tried to change behavior to no avail- there is a high percentage of the hoarders that usually try to get out of the situation before but slip right back. These are the patients who need to see professionals or get into a support group where they will have accountability partners to ensure that they do no suffer from the condition.

10. Most of them do not have any other underlying issues. Most people believe that a horder usually has other problems such as mentality issues or even ADHD but the truth is that there are very many individuals who do not have any other underlying conditions.

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