Animal Hoarding: a Serious Threat to the Society

Animal Hoarding is an illness that a lot of people are still trying to comprehend. Many researches have been done in an attempt to understand the underlying reasons for animal hoarding. This has been an ongoing and growing issue in the society today.

People who hoard animals usually develop an attachment to each of the animal they collect. In fact, they even give all of them names. However, due to the number of animals they collect, they tend to create an absolutely unsanitary environment full of animal waste products – this is where the problem begins to affect other people, which are primary concerns of citizens living with or near to people or persons who hoard animals.

Another issue mostly tackled about hoarding animals is how they (the animals) might possibly become a danger to other people in the neighboring places. When you decide to keep a pet, you have certain responsibilities being the pet owner like ensuring your pet has been vaccinated or maintaining the area of your pet clean. These tasks are obviously not done by an animal hoarder simply because he has too many animals to attend to. These basic responsibilities that are not done accordingly by animal hoarders put the safety of other people around them at risk.

Animals might be far from our minds when we think about addictions, but the fact is, this type of addiction does exist. And it brings with it serious health hazards to both the animal hoarder and the animals.

Contrasting certain problems concerning animals and their possible maltreatment and exploitation, animal hoarding isn’t deliberated as animal cruelty for the reason that there’s no malicious intent involved. The animal hoarder usually has good intentions of collecting animals – mostly wanting to give them care, food, family and home; however, these intentions are not met. Animal hoarders also develop an emotional connection to the animals they are collecting; they mostly see them as pets and animal members. But no matter how noble the motives of the hoarder may be, it still does not change the fact that the life of the hoarder and the people around him could be greatly affected, in a negative way.

The hoarder could get diseases from the animals as most of them often fails to get vaccinated; aside from that, the hoarder’s social life could similarly be affected as some people find it rather weird while others fear of acquiring diseases from the animals or simply because of the unbearable animal smell that has been the result of failure to provide proper care to the animals.

Animal hoarding is a serious problem in the society and people involved in this habit need intervention quickly before further damages could result. One report showed a case of animal hoarding where 376 cats (87 of which are dead) were found in a 2-bedroom house. Animal hoarders develop too much emotional attachment to their animals that they do not bury them even when they have died. This truly demonstrates the need for support from family members and friends to deal with this disorder.

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