The Basic Principles of Hoarding Disorder

A person is said to be suffering from hoarding disorder when they have a persistent difficulty in parting or discarding possessions. This is regardless of their actual monetary or emotional value. This makes them keep lots of stuff believing that one day they will needed or their value will rise. It usually does not matter whether they have enough space to keep the items because they keep piling them up in the house, yard and garages and at some point the place many be overflowing with numerous items that the hoarders want to collect. Although this is a huge problem, they do not realize it and only people who live with them or are close to them will notice that they have a problem.

Hoarding disorder usually starts affecting people at a young age but it not severe. This however becomes worse and ugly with age especially if people do not notice that the person has a problem identifying it only when it is too late. While other people may collect items, there are some people who will hoard animals. This means that will keep large numbers of animals especially cats and dogs thinking that they are taking care of them. This is however not the case as the animals are kept in very unhygienic conditions and most of them end up being sickly as they are not accorded basic care.

Individuals with severe cases of compulsive hoarding disorder cannot live normal lives because of the behavior that they have. This is where you will find that they cannot take part in normal daily activities like showering, cooking, reading or even watching television among many others because either they do not have the space where this can be done or are busy thinking about the things that they hoard. Hoarders are usually not very social people because they find comfort in the things they collect thus you many find that they do not have friends since they do not have time to interact with others.

It is however important to note that hoarding disorder is not associated with other medical conditions like brain disease but it could be a sign that a person could be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It souls also be a sign that a person is suffering from depression, stress or other emotional problems. There are some cases where a person will suffer from the disorder because they were abandoned as children thus feel the need to cling onto everything they own to ensure that they are not left again.

There are professional therapists who can help a person get treatment for the hoarding disorder. This is done by ensuring that a person gets to see and identify that they have a problem. From here they are taken through the steps that will help them de- clutter and live a normal life. It is therefore important for hoarders to seek professional help to get cure. Look for a professional who has been in the field for a long time because they are likely to have the experience needed to ensure you get treatment fast.

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