The Best Time to Declutter is Now

When clutter becomes too much, it often converts to both an indication and a cause of anxiety and tension which could adversely affect every facade of your normal life. Clutter can become a distraction that pulls you down and it generally invites disorder and chaos into your home and your life.

Most of the time, dealing with clutter may seem like an overwhelming undertaking especially when you are clueless where to start and how to begin or when you’ve made a habit of compulsive hoarding. The moment you decide you allocate a portion of your time decluttering your life in general, you will earn the recompenses of a clutter-free home, a stress-free life and a more well-ordered and fruitful way of life.

The best approach to do the challenge of decluttering (your home, work space and life) is to have things done in smaller steps. When you put these small footsteps altogether, you will realize that you’ve had a huge development.

Here’s how to start dealing with that clutter:

Start at Home

A cluttered household can actually escalate the stress that you’ve already acquired from work and external sources. Retiring to a tidy household at the end of a very jam-packed day at work will help you get the rest you deserve.

  • Bedroom. This is supposed to be that one place where you can rest and recharge as you await another challenging day. But how can you achieve that well-needed rest when all the clutter you found in your bedroom give you stress instead? Learn to declutter and simplify your bedroom by keeping the floor free from any clutter, which means putting the dirty socks in the hamper. Get rid of things that could contribute to the clutter such as unused things. Make use of the drawers and cabinets to organize your things, keeping them arranged even when they’re out of sight.
  • Closets. These are designed to store and organize things that you don’t want to be exposed. Go over your closets, clean them and give away stuff that are no longer needed. Keep only things that are useful.
  • Drawers. These are the mini-areas that you put things in. Keep the things inside your drawers organized so you would know which one contains what you need at the moment. Same rule applies to your closet: get rid of things that are no longer of use that only adds to the clutter.

Include your work area

An important factor you need to consider when wanting to achieve focus and productivity at work is decluttering your work area.

  • Keep your desk clear. Your desk is the area where you do your work. This means that it needs to be clear from objects that might get in the way of you working. You don’t want to get pricked by a staple wire while signing that important document, do you? Clean your desk and put things the drawer where you can easily access them. All you’ll need on your desk is your computer, your phone, the papers you’re working on at the moment and perhaps a small decoration that will help you appreciate the beauty of your work place.
  • Your computer needs to be clutter-free too. Remove files that are no longer needed. It may also help if you declutter your desktop keeping it free from icons as it becomes too crowded on the computer screen creating visual mess. There are always better ways of retrieving your needed files without having to put everything on the desktop.

Finally, declutter your life

While having your home and your work area decluttered are great means of reducing the stress these clutters are causing, there is always a lot more that you can do.

  • Lessen the commitments you make. Take a moment to review and reassess your commitments: at home, at school, at work, with family and friends and even with your activities. Think of the commitments that don’t give you contentment and those that help you achieve a sense of accomplishment. Start to declutter your list of commitments by letting go of the ones that only adds stress to your life and focus on those that make your time worth spending. Learn to decline invitations to commitments that you can’t go. Say no to work offers that you can’t successfully accomplish. If you eradicate the things that don’t get you joy, you’ll have extra time for the other things that will.
  • Re-evaluate your habits. A lot of people simply go through their routines without structuring and planning them. We spend countless times in a day opening and reopening our emails the moment we get notified.

Not organizing and planning your routines could mean chaos. Learn to create a schedule and scheme that will help you become more productive and less stressed like scheduling a specific time in a day when you open and read emails, after which you’ll have to entertain the next batch of emails the following day. Or, instead for buying groceries every afternoon after work, why not schedule it a few times a week.

Clutter is never a good thing.  Clutter is disorder.  Clutter is harmful.  Clutter is humiliating.  Clutter can affect your life and your loved ones’ too. If you think and see that clutter has a hold on you and your life, then it’s about time you manage it. You need to declutter, now!


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