Crazy Cat Lady: Why She Loves Her Cats

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When asked to create a mental picture of a person who collects cats, you’ll probably have a lady in mind, probably an old spinster with her cats surrounding her, with some resting on her arms and shoulders and the others on her head.

Cat hoarders are those people who over-collect cats to the extent that they can no longer provide the proper care and nutrition to their cats because of their enormous number. And researches show that most cat hoarders are indeed women. Women are more drawn to cats than dogs because cats a smaller and cuddlier than dogs, allowing a woman’s small arms to carry them easily.

But there is still more with the connection of women and cats; cats, like women are known to be mysterious animals, they are usually difficult to please; with these attributes, they are frequently compared to women. This could be one of the many reasons mostly women are drawn to cats.

This crazy cat lady who loves to hoard cats cannot seem to get enough of her collection. She picks up every homeless cat she encounters along the way in an attempt to provide the poor thing a home, which is unfortunately the same home of several other three hundred plus cats! This lady cat hoarder also cuddles each of her cats, if time allows her to cuddle every one, and cares for them by stroking their fur like how a normal pet owner would.

Worse case scenarios of cat hoarders is that they eat the same food with their cats, take a bath altogether (as if cats aren’t hydrophobic) and sleep together. Yes, it is indeed weird. However, not all cat hoarders experience crazy cat lady’s experience, as there are still others who live normally. But for those for are not lucky enough to control their emotional and mental attachment to cat hoarding, they mostly exhibit personalities and behaviors much like of a person with a mental disorder.

Cat hoarders, like other hoarders have their own reasons for choosing cats as their collection. And similar to all hoarders, they have deeper issues that need to be addressed with the help of a professional that might actually help on the treatment of her hoarding problems.

But aside from therapy with a professional, the most important thing to consider is the safety and health of the hoarder. She might be getting nutrition deficiencies or worse animal-induced diseases that could be detrimental to her health. These need to be addressed directly once hoarding problem is established.

Some family members deal with this problem by contacting animal control to take over the cats and getting the hoarder to a facility that can further study the reasons for her behavior and eventually come up with appropriate therapy to battle the disorder. This is very doable for people who have the means and money; however, this seems like a very impossible thing to do for people with financial constraints which unluckily have put the hoarder’s life in the line.

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