Creative Tips on How to Declutter

A wise man once said that you cannot really succeed in doing something when you are not having fun. This applies in a situation when a person is trying to declutter whether it is the house or office as most people just give up

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since it becomes too boring or exhausting at some point. This should not be the case when you decide to follow the below steps on how to declutter in a fun way.

Listen to music- music lovers can attest to the fact that the beats help them relax and thus puts them in a position to become more productive. Put on your favorite CD and listen and dance away as you declutter. You will surprised at how much work you can get done as well as how time will move fast as you try and get rid of the unwanted things as you listen and step to your favorite beat.

Group project

This works out well especially for families or flat mates who want to clean up their spaces. Delegate the duties fairly to different persons to cover various areas so that everyone can contribute the declutter process. This is a great time to bond and just share stories as people get down to business. You can have presents for people who finish the job in the best way possible to act as some type of motivation for the group members to finish the task. When a person finishes they can also give a hand to the people who are struggling to finish the work.

Handle the work in bits

Setting out a whole day to get rid of things that are not needed can take a toll on someone. You need to organize the work in such a way that it is spread out which makes it easier to complete. You can save 2 hours everyday or the amount of time that you feel comfortable with to handle a section that you will declutter. Write down a diary of the things that need to be accomplished and make sure that it is done before you retire for bed that day. This should however not go on the entire year as you also need to have realistic time frames for completing the job.

Think of it as a hobby instead of a job

It is quite obvious that most people don’t love their jobs and only do them because they have to. This means that your mind set can be affected when you think about the declutter process as some kind of job rather than a hobby. Hobbies are things that people enjoy thus you will most defiantly enjoy the entire process when you think of it as a hobby.

Think about the results

Always have your eyes on the prize as you start the declutter process. This will give you the psyke and motivation that is needed to carry on and complete the task. Think about the rewards of the project and picture this in your mind especially when you are stuck on something to go on until you get your hands on the prize.

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