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Everybody wants a tidy home. We search and apply several themes that would enhance and make our homes a good place to crash in at the end of a very tiring day. But what if the very place you expect to give you comfort and relaxation gives you the opposite? Do you find yourself looking for somewhere else to go to because your house is messy enough to give you headache? Has clutter become the new theme for your home?

Many people distress over making decisions on when to dispose of some things for the fear that they might come to need it later. Others pile up things which they believe is useful and may be necessary in case some of their stuff fail or get destroyed. Similarly, some keep every single stuff which they believe have sentimental value regardless of how little or big that value is. These kept things which are rarely used are usually the ones causing clutter to your home.  Too much clutter is a sign of compulsive hoarding.

So you might think it’s about time you decluttered your home even though how formidable it may appear. It’s more like deciding to go on a diet when you declutter your home; you don’t lose the excess pounds overnight, as similarly as you don’t get rid of the clutter in a short period of time. When you declutter your home it is primarily important to consider substituting clutter-inducing behaviors with organizing skills than simply putting all the clutter away which will most like find its way back to your home sooner or later.

Here are some ways to make your home clutter-free:

  • Do it one room at a time when you manage clutters.
  • Only buy something new when you’re ready to get rid of an old one.
  • Give each person in your home a responsibility in cleaning up the house
  • Visualize the kind of room / house you want while you’re cleaning.
  • Practice sorting and have everyone in the house to do it.
  • If you’re in doubt when buying a new stuff, don’t buy it. (you’re not sure if you really need it, it will only add up to the clutter in your house)

Here are some specific areas you need to turn your attention to:

1. Closets in the bedrooms. Assess the contents of your bedroom closets. Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a long time. Thinking that these clothes might still be useful (even though we rarely pay attention to them) will only contribute to your closet clutter.

2. Kids Room.  This is the place where most of the clutter in your home is found. The clothes climbing out of the hamper, the toys on the floor and wires of the video games and play stations. Observe which things no longer have your kids’ attention and have them given or donated. You could also inculcate the virtue of giving while doing this.

3. Bathroom. Declutter your home by throwing away vanities found in the bathroom which aren’t any more useful. Check through all those stuffs, if it appears to be not useful like it has discoloured or changed in consistency, throw them out.

4. Closet for the Linens. Linens such as blankets, towels, bed sheets and curtains also need to be organized. Make sure you are only keeping enough linen that can be used by everyone in your home. Do you really need 50 towels when there are only 3 people living in your house?

5. Under the bed. This is part of the room where you’re most likely to find a lot of things, most unexpected and those you’ve been trying to find for a long time.

There are also helpful practices that will help you declutter your home:

Organize. There are a lot of great items that will help your organize your stuff. Secure some economical containers and boxes which you can tidily store altogether the items that are not needed daily.

  • Throw Away Old Stuff.  What’s the use of decluttering your home when you’ll only keep the things that are causing the clutter? Throw away those things which are not used or wanted anymore.
  • Have Everything in its Proper Place. The moment you have decluttered everything and every place in your house, make a rule to get everybody to keep things in its proper place. This will surely ensure a clutter-free household.

When you declutter your home, you provide yourself a sense of accomplishment and control. Being able to achieve control over this aspect in your life will allow you to take control over bigger things in your life with ease.


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