Decluttering Your Home is an Art of Letting Go

When we need to declutter, it simply means there is trash, garbage and things that aren’t useful that need to be thrown away. However, decluttering your home could similarly be an act of something deeper. It is actually a symbolism of letting go, in the emotional aspect.

People who find it hard to let go of things and decide to hold on to them even if they have proven to be of no use at all are known to have some fixations. According to Freud, those who cannot let go of things and collect a lot of stuff even if they aren’t as useful, are fixated to the anal phase in his psychosexual theory.

Decluttering your life in any form may mean more than simply throwing things away out of your home. Letting go of things could mean you are learning to let go of other matters in your life – habits, relationships and even attitudes.

When you learn to declutter your home in small ways, you are actually translating it to your personal life; you’ve probably learned to make changes in your life and by doing so, you are actually giving more room for improvement for yourself.

Deciding to let go of old clothes gives you an opportunity to get new ones with more updated sense of fashion that can similarly get you that confidence you have been working on for quite some time; getting rid of old books give you more room for newer ones inviting newer learning with them. Throwing away an old photo frame that was given by your ex-lover may be a symbolism that you have moved on and are ready for new relationships. You are actually doing symbolisms when you learn to declutter!

The deed of letting go involves clarifying what it is you love about the things you are about to let go. Very frequently this conveys the reasons and justifications for keeping things. Letting go makes you decide on which things are important and unimportant. This is probably the reason many people find it difficult to let go of things as they find themselves emotionally attached to those things. However, desiring better efficiency in your life requires a clutter-free surrounding.

It is important that people understand the relationship of decluttering one’s space to letting go of certain issues in one’s life. When you understand the real reasons for holding on to certain things in your life, you’ll also understand why you are having a hard time letting go of these things; once you’ve linked the connection of things to your ability to let them go you’ll understand the rationale for your actions.
Decluttering your home may be difficult for some to accomplish, but it is surely possible. Especially if they understand the art of letting go too. Cleaning clutter changes vitality and relieves your mind forming an optimistic attitude and outlook that allows you to begin to realize the chances and opportunities that are actually waiting for you.



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