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Shopping addiction also referred to as omniomania is probably the most socially reinforced behavioral addictions. Advertisers work hard to come up with compelling ads that push people to purchase various products.

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Politicians on the other hand encourage citizens to spend so that the economy can grow. With consumerism taking the center place in lives of many people, individuals want to own something that people around them have. Contrary to popular belief shopping addiction cannot be classified as a new disorder. This is because it was diagnosed in the early 19th century and was also known as a psychiatric disorder during the early years of the twentieth century.
Almost everyone shops to some extent but there are about 6% of shoppers who go over board and are said to be suffering from shopping addiction. This usually occurs with other disorders and normally affects persons who are in their late teens as well as early adulthood. These can include anxiety, mood, eating, substance use, personality and other impulsive control disorders. With this kind of addiction the shopper feels like this is the only way that can be used to deal with stress. This normally causes a huge strain on finances and other personal relationships as a person cannot control spending and shopping habits.
Shopping addiction is a highly controversial idea. There are several characteristics that is shares with other types of addiction like spending a lot of time shopping, spending a lot of money that the person might not even have in hand which can lead to development of debts, buying things that a person does not need simply to satisfy their shopping crave among many other things. It is important to note that window shopping does not constitute part of the addiction as actual spending defines this type of addiction.
People who are into shopping addiction highly ritualize their actions which makes them become addictive to the sport. All their thoughts involve planning shopping trips and executing the act to get as much shopping as they possibly can. This usually brings them immerse pleasure, provides relied and gives them an ecstatic feeling. But the shopper might crash as a result of this which will bring about a lot of disappointments. This type of shopping is normally done to escape from a couple of negative aspects of a person’s life like anxiety, depression, boredom, anger and self critical thoughts among many others. Before using up the things that have been bought, you will that compulsive shoppers are already planning their next trip.
There are some individuals who aw willing to admit that they have a problem with shopping addiction. The good thing about this is the fact that these type of shoppers respond well to the treatments which includes self help books, medications, support groups, therapy and financial counseling. It is also important to note that some medications normally bring about mixed results thus a person should consider other forms of treatment if they want to put the behavior behind them. Look for a reliable doctor with whom you are going to discuss possible treatment options to choose the one that will work best.

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