Help with Hoarding- What you need to do


It is never too late to get help with hoarding and start a new life.  Many people suffer from the condition, but the good thing is that, there are different avenues through which an individual can get the help they need to declutter their lives and move on.

Before starting the process, it is important that a hoarder learns about their condition. A hoarder acquires and keeps items that are not necessarily helpful or worthy.  In the eyes of others, these items are completely or partially useless. However, to the hoarder, these items come with a sentimental value or considered useful in the future. For this reason, they keep them and over time, the items accumulate. As time goes by, the accumulated items come with a variety of other problems.

There are quite a number of signs that one can check out to determine whether they have a hoarding problem or not.  One of the common signs is turning the rooms into a storage room. Items will accumulate in all the storage places, and the hoarder will need more space for the others coming in.

Another hoarding sign is isolation. This is mostly caused by the embarrassment they feel by the amount of items they have in their living spaces. They do not get social with other people because they lack the space to entertain. For this reason, most people offering help with hoarding provide group therapy in order to help the hoarders talk about their problems and share their experiences with other people.  In doing this, they will be better off in starting the journey to get rid of the unnecessary items.

Hoarding comes with a variety of problems. For starters, the lack of space can lead to health risks as well as fights with family and friends.  Since the hoarders are very sensitive, they will get into fights if family members and friends try to get rid of some of these items.  It is for this reason that help with hoarding requires the hoarders to get completely involved in the process. This will make it easy for them to take their time to let go of the items they do not need.

Aside from the hoarders, help with hoarding comes with help to the family members and friends. They need to learn more about the condition and the different things they need to do in order to help the hoarder with the treatment. For starters, they need to be patient as the process may take time. Rushing the hoarders will be counterproductive because they will become more anxious, making them accumulate more items.  They can also contribute to the process by giving the hoarders incentives to speed up the process but on their own.

The best thing is that help with hoarding is available on a variety of places. There are therapists who can help with a number of factors ranging from acquisition, accumulation and the organization of different items. They will also help the hoarders in discarding the items.


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