Hoarding Definition – What is Hoarding?


Hoarding can be defined as a condition where a person or animal collects unnecessary items and does not want to let go of them. Hoarding definition takes into account a number of items such as causes, symptoms and treatment among many others.  Hoarding usually creates too much clutter to the effect that a person cannot continue living normally because of all the things that are around them. There are people who collect pets and have so many animals in the house which they cannot really take care of. This is also dangerous to their health because they are also not able to take care of themselves hygiene wise.

When talking about hoarding definition, it is important to have in mind that most people who practice hoarding do not really know that this is wrong. This is especially true for the people who have been doing it for a while as they think that it is normal. They are also not in a position to seek treatment thus it is usually up to their friends, neighbors and well wishers to realize that what they are doing is not right so that they can start on the path of recovery.

It is also important to talk about the symptoms of hoarding when talking about hoarding definition. Some of the symptoms and signs associated with this behavior include limited or zero social interaction, an obsessive attachment to various possession which usually features discomfort in letting other people touch or even borrow the items, embarrassment/shame, a hard time organizing things, difficulties in managing day to day activities, including trouble making decisions and procrastination, getting things that you do not really need including napkins or trash from restaurants, moving things from one heap into another without letting go of anything,  keeping stacks of junk mail, magazines or newspapers, inability to throw items away and cluttering working and living spaces among many others.

It would not be wise to talk about hoarding definition without mentioning the fact hoarding usually affects behavior, thoughts as well as emotions. Persons who hoard usually believe that all the items that they keep have sentimental value that will come in handy in the future. A person may also cling to things that they think have an important emotional value. Most of these things usually serve as a reminder of great times that the patients have had in the past. The people who hoard usually feel happier and safer when they are close to these items.

While talking about hoarding definition, readers have to note that hoarding is very different from collecting. Collectors usually have meaningful collections such as model cars, stamps or anything else go out to look for the particular items so that they can display them. Hoarders on the other hand will just pick up any random items and put them anywhere in the house or office haphazardly. Hoarding can either be mild or severe with the latter affecting the life a person leads.  Severe hoarding is a condition that needs professional help if a person wants to live a normal life and achieve their goals.

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