Hoarding Treatment Options

Although difficult to treat, there are a number of various hoarding treatment options that a patient can try out if they want to get control of their life. Some of the options include:



It is possible to get a prescription for the medicines a hoarder will take so that they can feel better. This however needs to be done by a professional as self medication can lead to numerous problems that are better avoided in the first place. Ensure you take the drugs as advised and keep a positive attitude if you want to get healed.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy

CBT is one of the tried and tested hoarding treatment options that have worked on quite a number of patients. This is normally administered in a series of sessions helping the patient identify the kinds of behaviors that they are into. There are some patients who get healed within a very short period of time while others may take longer before they accept the results of their situation. You can find a professional very easily in most cities thus there is really no excuse to getting the help you deserve. Understandably it has a couple of funding and budget implications.



When the patient is not suffering from a high pedigree of hoarding, it is possible to try out intervention as part of the treatment options plans. This is something that however needs to be done with a lot of caution so that you don’t get off as attacking the patient which can make them become rebellious. Take time to talk to the patient with a lot of love but also with firm authority if you want to achieve results. Don’t forget to highlight the negative aspects of the behavior and also offer some kind of guideline that can be used to rectify it.


Support groups

According to hoarding statistics, there are very many people who suffer from hoarding. This means that it is easy to find support groups that can be integrated in the hoarding treatment options. This is quite an effective method that can be used to get the help that a person needs from people who are suffering from the same or those who have been on that journey but emerged victorious. Sharing experiences helps one to realize that they are not alone thus it enables them to come out of the closet more effectively and change the “bad” behavior on their own merit.


Self help

There are some patients who do not really need to go far and wide to seek hoarding treatment option as they can manage to indulge in self help in order to move on forward with their lives. This is where a person decides that on their own that what they are doing is not healthy and they need to make a few adjustments so that they are not bound by the situation anymore. Such a person will seek to re-organize their life in the best way possible so that it is not too filled up with clutter and they can live comfortably ever after without fear of slipping back.

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