How to get a Hoarder to get Help

A horder will most likely not know that they need any help one of the reasons why at times it is the responsibility of the people around them to let them know that what they are doing is not right. This should however not be done in a way that it seems like you are ambushing them so that they can accept the situation they are in so that they can get all the help they need in order to get treatment and continue living their lives in the best way possible for a bigger and brighter future. Some of the approaches that can be used to get to them include:


Talking to them

You will be surprised that there are times when all you need to do is talk to the horder so that they can see the predicament that they have put themselves into. This should be done in a polite yet assertive manner to let them know that they really need help especially in situations when they had not been involved in the type of behavior before. You need to give them before and after pictures that can help them change.


Consulting with a professional

When the situation seems to be getting out of control you might have to seek the services of a professional to help you bring some rationale to the horder. There are times when you might be forced to literally drag the individual there because they can become quite stubborn which will not really help them in any way at the end of the day. Make sure you talk to a competent and reliable professional who will lead you on the right path.


Talking to others who have been in the same situation

Some times for the horder to see that they are not really in the best of situations, you can organize for them to talk to people who have been in the situation before. It can be quite refreshing to hear from personal experiences since they are able to identify with the problems that they are facing. Also a person who has been in that problem and has come out of it successfully is most likely to be in a better position to convince the patients that they really need to change their life if they want to see better change.


Helping them clear thing out

Another way that can be used to help the horder is by helping them to clear out things. This is one of the most practical ways to give them a hand and guide them though the entire process. This does however not mean that you should do all the work for them because they need to get a feel of what they are supposed to do in order avoiding getting back into their old habits. Ensure you come up with an effective plan on how this is going to be executed so that you can all enjoy the results without any complications. You can even reward yourself when the entire process is done.

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