How to Spot an Animal Hoarder


An animal hoarder is a person who keeps too many pets in the house and cannot even take care of them in the right way. The animals are usually cramped into small living spaces without adequate, food, water and professional care. If you want to spot such a person here are some of the signs that you should be on the look out for:

Anti social-

An animal hoarder will most likely keep to themselves and will have few if any friends that they interact with. Most of them are usually old people thus don’t have to show up at work everyday or take part in various outdoor activities like normal people would. The only thing that you will see an animal hoarder doing is maybe walking some of the animals where they will have more animal companions than is normal. They usually view the animals as all the company they need and talk to them like they were real people.  This implies that they don’t really need friends as they have all the company they think they need.

Distinct smell

As a result of spending too much time with the animals in unhygienic environments, the animal hoarder will most likely pick a distinct smell. This could either be the smell or pee or feces of the animals that the person is living with. This normally happens because the animals are not washed or groomed the way they are supposed to in order to live in clean and hygienic places. The hoarders also don’t really take care of themselves meaning they might not take baths like they are supposed to thus they smell sticks to them in such a way that it becomes an identity.

Homes with closed curtains or blinds

No animals sign

No animals sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An animal hoarder will most probably lock out the outside world from viewing what is happening in their house through the use of curtains or blinds in such a way that that other people cannot be able to see what is happening in the house. This way, no one will be poking their nose into their business and will not come in and ask questions about all the animals they have in the house. This is one of the reasons why there are very many hoarders that go unnoticed as not many people will be let into their homes.

Denial that they cannot take care of the animals

An animal hoarder will be very defensive when it comes to the subject of whether they can take care of the animals or not. Since they are not able to give the animals the proper care that they deserve they will claim that the animals are okay the way they are. Since hoarding is like a habit they will feel like they are doing the right thing thus do not owe anyone any explanation.

Hoarders need help to see that what they are doing is far from normal and that they are mistreating the animals by holding them hostage without the right kind of care. There are very many professionals who can help with this.

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