I Need to Buy This Now: The Truth about Compulsive Buying

I haven’t heard of anyone who doesn’t find pleasure in shopping and buying; well maybe not everyone is totally in love with it but it sure does give you that pleasant and gratifying feeling every time. Though a lot of people have been constantly dealing with shopping issues, the women are the more affected group when it comes to this concern.

Compulsive buying is one of the most battled-with issues when it comes to buying. It occurs when you can no longer delay your gratification and immediately purchase stuff to satisfy your wants. Yes, simply wants. The things that are usually compulsively bought by people are simply unnecessary stuff that they don’t actually need. In other words, they can simply do without it but at the same time, the urge to purchase is too string that before they know it they have already gone out of the store with their hands full.

Take an alcoholic for instance, while it almost becomes impossible for them to stop drinking alcohol, compulsive buyers similarly make it impossible for them to stop buying things that have tremendously caught their attention, plus, they do it in a heartbeat.

The thing about compulsive buying is you later on realize that you really didn’t need to buy those things, or it turned out to be just another meaningless purchase that has become a waste of money.

Compulsive buying has been linked to psychological issues too. Whether it has something to do with the reason why you do compulsive buying or the effect compulsive buying brings to you. Studies show that most people like to indulge in such activity because it gives them a feeling of self-worth which is linked with issues with one’s self-esteem. Some also find this practice as something that medicates their anxiety. Whatever a person’s reason for this, it is clearly unhealthy for anyone.

Often times, compulsive buying becomes a much more severe problem when one’s finances get out of hand. Compulsive splurging may result to increased monetary expenses and in the end result would be having less money than what you need. Does this sound familiar to you?

People may wonder why such behavior becomes an epidemic when the solution for it is simple. Well, it may appear simple to those who are not struggling with it but this is a very difficult issue for people who does it. Some even require professional help to get themselves out of this trap; while some have successfully managed to get themselves out.

Yes, compulsive buying is perhaps one of the best ways to test your self-discipline. When you give yourself a few moments to evaluate and debate whether or not you really need to do the purchase is quite a challenging task for people who do compulsive buying.

However, there is always a remedy for this behavior. If you find yourself becoming more and more uncontrollable everytime, you may want to consider seeking the help of a professional; or if you are maturely and efficiently dealing well with it, you may want to continue practicing self-discipline until such behavior is minimized.

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