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Just like there are people who cannot resist hoarding household items, there are scores of people who hoard animals. Animal hoarders practice one of the most common forms of animal cruelty by bunching up several animals in claustrophobic spaces. Cats and dogs are some of the beloved pets by animal hoarders.  The hoarders keep abnormally high number of animals and do not take good care of them. The animals are kept in horrible conditions and this affects their overall well being. The cruelty can go on for many years if the animals are not rescued.

Most of the animals that are kept by the animal hoarders show numerous signs of abuse like untreated medical conditions, severe malnutrition, psychological distress, and advanced eye and dental disease. This is a very serious problem with more than a quarter million animals going through this, with the numbers increasing every year. Reasons why people would put animals through the cruelty have not yet been discovered. There are more women then men hoarders and cats are the most popular animals that are hoarded.  The hoarders do not think that they have a problem and the only way that they can be helped is to make sure they go for therapy and are not allowed to keep or own animals.

Other than animal cruelty, animal hoarders also create unsanitary conditions for the people who live around them. The property where the hoarders keep the high number of animals is usually filled with fecal matter, urine and other dirt that is excreted by the animals. Hoarders also do not wash the animals and they also produce a pungent smell that messes up with the fresh air in the environment. Hoarders are also a nuisance to local authorities and may taint the image of a their neighborhoods, dissuading people from moving to those areas in fear of the health repercussions.

Although animal hoarders can be quite stubborn, it is possible to help them. The first thing that you have to do is to help them recognize that they have a problem. This will help them realize that what they are doing to the animals is not right and they need to be set free to be well taken care of. There are some cases where the hoarders after going through treatment become some of the most considerate animal lovers and take great care of the animals in the proper way. It is important for local authorities and organizations to create awareness and education about hoarding and proper animal care. This helps to identify hoarders who are guilty of animal cruelty and report them to the necessary authorities for the necessary action to be taken.

Most countries do not have legal definitions of animal hoarding which makes it difficult to prosecute animal hoarders. Most cases are normally neglected as the severity of hoarding is not taken into consideration. The high cost of taking care of the animals that are rescued from the hoarders could also be one of the reasons why prosecution is hard. It is therefore important to have early interventions for the hoarders to arrest the situation before it goes out hand.



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