An Overview of Hoarding Meaning

There are different definitions of hoarding meaning according to various experts and their understanding of the term.  One of the definitions is that hoarding is the excessive collection of various items that is accompanied by the inability to get rid of them. This creates cramped living and working conditions as office spaces and homes may be filled to capacity. This only leaves narrow pathways that are used to navigate through all the clutters. There are also some people who will go a notch higher and collect animals like dogs and cats instead of items. This is where they keep a lot of animals in unsanitary conditions.

Hoarding meaning is also similar to compulsive hoarding syndrome or compulsive hoarding. This may be one of the symptoms of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) but there are some people who hoard and do not have the OCD symptoms. Treatment is usually challenging for the hoarders as they do not think that they have a problem. Intensive treatment however can help hoarders understand the compulsions they are going through so that they can live more enjoyable and safer lives. Hoarding usually affects behavior, thoughts and emotions.

When going through hoarding meaning, it is important to look at the signs and symptoms of the condition and some of them include: inability to get rid of items, cluttered living spaces, keeping stacks of junk mail, magazines and newspapers, moving piles from one place to another without discarding anything, trouble making decisions, procrastination, difficulty managing day to day activities, problems when organizing items, embarrassment, shame, being overly possessive with items that you do not need and limited or zero social interaction.  Most of the people who hoard usually believe that the things they keep will have value or will be needed in the future.  A person may also hoard some of the items that they have emotional attachment to.

When discussing hoarding meaning, it is important to have in mind that this is totally different from collecting items. Collectors pick out specific things and display them in an organized manner. Hoarders will save random things and store them haphazardly in the house or in any other areas. Individuals who hoard animals will have hundreds of pets. These are usually confined indoors in ghastly living conditions. These animals are just kept but are not properly looked after. You may notice that they are suffering because they usually look sickly and miserable.

As you try to find out hoarding meaning, it is important to note that it varies from severe to mild. There are some cases where it may not affect your life in any way but there are some where it interrupts all your life. Clutter and the inability to get rid of it is one of the most obvious signs that a person is a hoarder. These are usually indications that the person had a problem when they were growing up. The affected person will therefore want to collect items to fill the void that is in their lives. If you are into hoarding or knows someone close to you, it is important to make sure they get professional help to live happy and normal lives.


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