The Real Definition of a Hoarder


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A hoarder gives the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” a whole new meaning. A compulsive hoarder is someone having difficulty getting rid of items such that these things are filling up their living space. Usual routine activities such as cooking or sleeping become a problem because the space designed for these purposes are becoming warehouses. Imagine living in a house filled to the brim with all sorts of things like newspapers, cans, books, and anything and everything under the sun. There is no limit for an extreme compulsive hoarder.

Compulsive hoarding is often associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, not all compulsive hoarders manifest symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Compulsive hoarding is often hard to diagnose because the hoarder usually doesn’t see anything wrong with what he or she is doing. They do not see a single mistake in their lifestyle. In fact, it is where they are most at ease and comfortable. Because of this, they easily become annoyed and pissed whenever a person who doesn’t understand what hoarding is tries to clean up their clutter.

A hoarder develops affection and fondness to the things they acquire but have a hard time developing social ties with other people. They try to stay away from other people and eventually become isolated. If left untreated, the disorder could worsen and risk their safety and health as well as those living with them.

Determine whether a friend or a relative is a hoarder. Early detection could lead to early correction and treatment. Stacks of old newspapers, magazines and junk mail could sometimes indicate hoarding. With a hoarder, nothing is ever thrown out, just stacked, transferred and stacked again. The same condition could also exist if you are not allowed to enter a house. A hoarder is embarrassed but cannot do anything about it.  A hoarder is also unable to do away with useless items, even garbage.

Oftentimes, a hoarder feels more secure when surrounded by all these things. Compulsive shoppers can also be hoarders. They may have shopping bags full of unused, new items. They have nowhere to put the new things because they are unable to get rid of even the old ones.

There are so many things to hoard. Some people even hoard animals. They keep dozens and dozens of pets. They usually have pets that can be easily kept inside the house. Because of the number of pets they keep, the animals are not properly cared for and just die. An animal hoarder can live comfortably with the smell of animal feces and dead pets.

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