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Hoarders should not be left to suffer with the problem as they should get all the help they need as soon as possible. This is because the behavior can lead to serious emotional, physical and psychological damages which could have been avoided at the first place. Below you will find some steps that you can take to get help for hoarding;

1. Look out for signs

The first thing that you need to do to get help for hoarding is to look out for signs that the person is really suffering from the condition. This is because you cannot start helping a person when they don’t have a problem. There are times when this can also account for symptoms of another condition thus it needs to be approached with a lot of caution to ensure you have the correct treatment plan. It is also important to check out the severity of the condition to know the right way forward.

2. Reach Out

After identifying the problem, the next step towards getting help for hoarding is to reach out to the patients. If you know the hoarder personally, organize a meeting with them and talk to them politely but clearly about the concerns you have. Persons talking to the hoarders should have an open mind while talking to the affected individuals because even though this may sound like something really strange, the hoarders think that what they are doing is perfectly normal. Avoid confronting the victims with their neglect and failure issues as this might also cause resistance from them.

3. Pool resources

Something else that needs to be done on order to get help for hoarding is to gather a few people and pool resources to see how the person affected will be helped.  When the hoarder decides that it is time to clean up their act, you should not be left with the responsibility of cleaning up as it can be too much for you. There are professional institutions that can help out with this for instance animal rescue groups, mental health agencies and local service groups.  It is also possible to work with a group of therapists who deal with hoarding patients.  Find a way to connect the hoarders to the professionals so that they can access all the help they need.

4.  Get ready to take action

As you try and figure out ways of getting help for hoarding, it is important to have in mind that the patient may remain unmoved to all the intervention and discussions that are laid on the table. This means that you have to prepare to act especially where animals are involved as they need to be recued whether the hoarder likes it not.

5. Communicate

The final step here is to keep in touch with the hoarder to check on what they are up to. This is especially important as the hoarders need all the support they can get especially when the cases get to a point where a number of authorities such as social services, animal rescue and other law enforcement agencies are brought in.

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