Details on Hoarding Statistics

Hoarding unfortunately is a condition that affects very many individuals and some don’t even realize that they are really suffering from it. According to hoarding statistics, around 5% of the entire population in the universe displays some sort of clinical hoarding. This percentage is twice the rate of OCD and four times the rate of […]

Important Things you should know about an Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder

An obsessive compulsive hoarder is a person who has an anxiety disorder that makes them keep extra magazines, papers and generally clutter around.  When it is severe, the condition can seriously affect the life of the victim and those around them. This is because they eventually lose the ability to perform simple activities like cleaning, […]

Help for Hoarders – How To Stop Hoarding

  Hoarding will affect not only the individual but also his/her family and friends. Most of the loved ones are usually concerned over the welfare of the hoarder but are usually met with resistance, thus creating more tension between them. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that they can help the hoarder with the […]

The Difference Between a Hoarder and a Collector

A hoarder is a person who acquires and collects items in excess and has difficulty is discarding or doing away with them. A hoarder develops strong attachments to the items they usually collect although worthless, invaluable, unsanitary and hazardous. Compulsive hoarding becomes a hindrance to a person’s activities of daily living such as cooking, sleeping, […]

The Definition of a Hoarder

A hoarder is a person that buys, acquires, searches and stores items that have very little or no value.  Some of the most common items that are hoarded include magazines, newspapers, plastic bags, household supplies, clothing and food.  Hoarding leads to a number of negative effects in different areas ranging from social, financial, legal, emotional […]

Information on Hoarding Statistics

  Hoarding is a condition that affects many people and some don’t even realize it until it is too late. According to hoarding statistics, about 5% of the entire population in the universe displays some sort of clinical hoarding. This percentage is twice the rate of OCD and four times the rate of schizophrenia and […]

Importance of getting into a Hoarding Treatment Plan

Although hoarders might be a little reserved when it comes to adapting a hoarding treatment plan, there are numerous benefits that they can end up getting from this which will help shine a positive light on the entire situation. Some of the reasons why it is important to find such a plan include:   Helps […]

How to Help a Hoarder Stop Hoarding

  Hoarding is a disorder that involves the obsessive collection of unnecessary objects, inability to get rid of them and resulting distress. It usually starts small with the hoarder keeping items because of sentimental value or because they will have importance in the future.  If left to continue for long, hoarding can create a lot […]

Hoarding Treatment – Hoarding Can Be Treated

For many hoarders, getting hoarding treatment is a problem because they do not seem to recognize hoarding as a problem.  This is worse especially when the possessions are a source of comfort to them. The most common mistake people do is trying to take away the possessions of the hoarders. This usually is counterproductive because […]

10 Things you should know about Compulsive Hoarding

Most people are self proclaimed “closet clutters” or even “pack rats”. Compulsive hoarding however refers to an anxiety disorder which goes way deeper than keeping magazines or papers around or even collecting a number of CDs under the working desk. When the situation is severe, it can interrupt the day to day activities of an […]