How are The Children of Hoarders Affected?

Hoarding is a condition that affects many people and causes them to keep a lot of junk, causing a clutter around their lives. People who suffer from this condition are usually not aware of what they are doing and it is people around them who notice that they have a problem. The people who are […]

Hoarding Disorder

The definition of hoarding disorder is characterized into two parts. First of which is the excessive collection of things that have little or no value. The second is the difficulty or inability to discard the acquired things. People diagnosed with hoarding disorder may gather pretty and useful items like picture frames and figurines, to useless […]

The Definition of a Hoarder

A hoarder is a person that buys, acquires, searches and stores items that have very little or no value.  Some of the most common items that are hoarded include magazines, newspapers, plastic bags, household supplies, clothing and food.  Hoarding leads to a number of negative effects in different areas ranging from social, financial, legal, emotional […]

What is A Compulsive Disorder?

  Compulsive disorder is defined as a behaviour that involves a repeated action that, on its own, is not addictive like eating, using internet, shopping, sex and gambling.  The action is conducted repeatedly because of an impulse and usually against the individual’s interest.  To most people compulsive behaviour is a way of reducing the anxiety […]

Steps to get help for Hoarding

  Hoarders should not be left to suffer with the problem as they should get all the help they need as soon as possible. This is because the behavior can lead to serious emotional, physical and psychological damages which could have been avoided at the first place. Below you will find some steps that you […]

Understanding What Disposophobia Is And How To Treat It

   Disposophobia is a term that is used to refer to mental disorder which is also known as hoarding disorder.  This is something that was discovered not long ago by DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).  It can be defined as the relationship that people have with their possessions. People who suffer from […]

Shopping Addiction- Causes and Signs

Also known as omniomania, shopping addiction is one of the most common behavioural addictions.  With widespread consumerism, it is the most reinforced addictions with a higher percentage of the population engaging in the practice. The behaviour starts during late teens or early adulthood, and is usually accompanied with other disorders. What are the causes of […]

What Is Hoarding – Is It A Disease or Psychological Disorder?

  Hoarding is a type of behavior in which a person acquires a large number of items that he or she does not throw out. Most of the times, these items seem usually have little or no value to others and clutters the owner’s home making it unsuitable space for living. Hoarding will also cause […]

Important Details About Hoarding

  Hoarding is a condition where a person collects a number of items but has a problem when it comes to disposing them when they are not needed or valuable anymore.  This usually leads to disorganization and immerse clutter that disrupts or even threatens a person’s safety and health. This could also lead to distress […]

Importance of getting into a Hoarding Treatment Plan

Although hoarders might be a little reserved when it comes to adapting a hoarding treatment plan, there are numerous benefits that they can end up getting from this which will help shine a positive light on the entire situation. Some of the reasons why it is important to find such a plan include:   Helps […]