Choosing a Hoarding Treatment Plan That Works

Choosing a hoarding treatment plan that works is very important if you want to continue living a normal life without unnecessary things. While this will most likely cause the patient to be upset, scared, accountable and distraught, it is usually better to start the treatment as soon as possible to get the results you want […]

Animal Hoarding: a Serious Threat to the Society

Animal Hoarding is an illness that a lot of people are still trying to comprehend. Many researches have been done in an attempt to understand the underlying reasons for animal hoarding. This has been an ongoing and growing issue in the society today. People who hoard animals usually develop an attachment to each of the […]

How are The Children of Hoarders Affected?

Hoarding is a condition that affects many people and causes them to keep a lot of junk, causing a clutter around their lives. People who suffer from this condition are usually not aware of what they are doing and it is people around them who notice that they have a problem. The people who are […]

The Characteristics of a Compulsive Hoarder

Compulsive hoarding has been identified as a sub-type of obsessive-compulsive disorders.  The excessive buying and accumulation of things that are not necessarily consumed can become a serious problem if not controlled.  A person becomes a compulsive buyer when he or she continues to buy and collect things on an impulse. Why Hoarders Hoard Compulsive hoarders […]

The Real Definition of a Hoarder

A hoarder gives the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” a whole new meaning. A compulsive hoarder is someone having difficulty getting rid of items such that these things are filling up their living space. Usual routine activities such as cooking or sleeping become a problem because the space designed for these purposes […]

Hoarding Treatment

Hoarding is the excessive accumulation of items and having difficulties discarding them. These items may be very valuable to the hoarder but considered trash by most people. Because of the volume of items kept, cramped living conditions are the usual result. Living spaces cannot be used for their intended purpose anymore because of the clutter. […]

Important Details About Hoarding

  Hoarding is a condition where a person collects a number of items but has a problem when it comes to disposing them when they are not needed or valuable anymore.  This usually leads to disorganization and immerse clutter that disrupts or even threatens a person’s safety and health. This could also lead to distress […]

Importance of getting into a Hoarding Treatment Plan

Although hoarders might be a little reserved when it comes to adapting a hoarding treatment plan, there are numerous benefits that they can end up getting from this which will help shine a positive light on the entire situation. Some of the reasons why it is important to find such a plan include:   Helps […]

How to Help a Hoarder Stop Hoarding

  Hoarding is a disorder that involves the obsessive collection of unnecessary objects, inability to get rid of them and resulting distress. It usually starts small with the hoarder keeping items because of sentimental value or because they will have importance in the future.  If left to continue for long, hoarding can create a lot […]

Hoarding Treatment – Hoarding Can Be Treated

For many hoarders, getting hoarding treatment is a problem because they do not seem to recognize hoarding as a problem.  This is worse especially when the possessions are a source of comfort to them. The most common mistake people do is trying to take away the possessions of the hoarders. This usually is counterproductive because […]