Help for Hoarders- Who needs it?

Hoarding is now recognized as a mental disorder that needs help for a person to get treatment for the condition. You can therefore wonder who needs the help for hoarders. This are probably persons who are not able to realize that they have a problem thus it will have to be pointed out by other […]

Define Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction also referred to as omniomania is probably the most socially reinforced behavioral addictions. Advertisers work hard to come up with compelling ads that push people to purchase various products. Politicians on the other hand encourage citizens to spend so that the economy can grow. With consumerism taking the center place in lives of […]

Understanding What Disposophobia Is And How To Treat It

   Disposophobia is a term that is used to refer to mental disorder which is also known as hoarding disorder.  This is something that was discovered not long ago by DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).  It can be defined as the relationship that people have with their possessions. People who suffer from […]

10 Things you should know about Compulsive Hoarding

Most people are self proclaimed “closet clutters” or even “pack rats”. Compulsive hoarding however refers to an anxiety disorder which goes way deeper than keeping magazines or papers around or even collecting a number of CDs under the working desk. When the situation is severe, it can interrupt the day to day activities of an […]