The Story of the Crazy Cat Lady


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Do not be fooled to think that the crazy cat lady has always been like this, in fact there was a time when she lived a perfectly normal life with a beautiful family. As time went by, her four children grew up, got married and moved out of town. A few years later her husband died. It seemed like her whole world came to a standstill after the above events and this is how she turned into a crazy cat lady.

One evening she saw a strange kitty in her house. The kitty looked cold and hungry thus the crazy cat lady decided to give it some warm milk that she had in the refrigerator. The strange animal drank the milk and went and stayed on her lap. All over sudden she felt like this was her only friend in the world as the kitty stayed beside her and followed her everywhere she went in the house. It seemed like all her loneliness faded away as she could talk to the kitty and felt as though she was with someone especially when it purred after her. After a few weeks she took the cat out of her box and she even went with it to bed.

As days went by the crazy cat lady, felt like one kitty was not enough and wanted to get it a friend. She set off to the store to buy another cat. She contacted the local cat company and placed an order for kitty’s friend. By this time, kitty already had a name and was called Tobby. His friend was to be called Mary. Mary and Tobby brought so much joy as the lady strived to cook for them and they kept her company as she knitted some boots for her grandchildren whom she had hopes of seeing one day if the children visited.

Two weeks later and the crazy cat lady though that 2 cats were no enough as they needed to have company that they could play with and interact with. She really did not have a lot of money to buy or adopt other cats thus she put it upon herself to save animals that she thought needed help on the streets. She would try and visit dumpsites where she could find cats and take them home and take care of the animals.

This was not really a problem until she started stealing other people’s cats in their compounds when they were not around. Back in the house the crazy cat lady had more than 50 cats. Since she was old there was no way she was taking care of them properly. She has cats everywhere in the living room, kitchen and even in the bedroom. Her strange love for cats did not make her think that it was a problem as she was even caught saying that she had over 50 children. Were it not for he neighbor who saw that this was becoming way out of hand who called her family and the right authority, there were many problems that would have been caused by the crazy cat lady both for the cats as well as herself.

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  1. I love your Nana’s galloping horse threoy! My husband and I are completely incompatible. He’s a hoarder; I’m a thrower-outer. I’m a neatnik; he’s a drop-it-where-you-used-it. It took me ten years to convince him our laundry hamper could go in our walk-in closet instead of in the corner of our bedroom (where it was more convenient .)But one thing we agree on: we both hate cleaning. We aren’t rich, but there’s always room in the budget for a twice-a-month cleaning lady. It was that or start planting radishes in the accumulated dust.

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