Understanding What Disposophobia Is And How To Treat It


Compulsive hoarding in a private apartment

Compulsive hoarding in a private apartment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Disposophobia is a term that is used to refer to mental disorder which is also known as hoarding disorder.  This is something that was discovered not long ago by DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).  It can be defined as the relationship that people have with their possessions. People who suffer from this condition have a problem discarding any item that they might have in the house or office even when they know that it is of no use. They usually have the opinion that it will be used in the future thus it is best if it sticks around.


 Disposophobia can also be described as a chronic difficulty to get rid of personal belongings regardless of what little value that they might have. People who suffer from this disorder generally do not have good organizational skills as they just leave things everywhere. In addition to this, they do not want to see other people near their belongings and will not let them borrow them as they have a great obsession of everything they own. Thinking about throwing away the items or even giving them out to deserving parties usually make them depressed, distressed and sad and would rather hold on.


Since a vacuum cannot be created, person who suffer from disposophobia usually clutter living and working spaces to the extent that they cannot really work or leave in peace. Experts say that when you get into a house or office of such a person, you will only be greeted with narrow pathways that wind around the pieces of clutter.  This is because there are numerous stacks of junk mail, newspapers, magazines and other items that interest the person. While trying to create more space, hoarders usually move the items from one place to another without throwing away anything thus no solution is created.


There are different items that are collected where there are some special cases of people who do not even throw out trash and others keep an unmanageable number of animals. This usually creates an unsanitary living condition for both the hoarder as well as animals kept.  You can identify a person suffering from disposophobia as they usually suffer from distress in all areas of their lives. They may also not want to interact with other people because of some level of shame or embarrassment. Professionals can identify this from other disorders in order to find the right treatment plan.


Persons who suffer from disposophobia need a lot of love and support from their friends and family so that they can let go of things that they do not really need.  This is through taking them to the doctors as well as helping them clean up to live a happy and normal life. Persons with too many animals can be shown the dangers that the animals face and it would be better to let them go so that they do not suffer anymore.  This will save them from a lot of trouble in the future especially with authorities to avoid life in jail. It also keeps them away from stealing to satisfy their hoarding needs.


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