Ways to Deal with Compulsive Shopping

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Compulsive shopping is a condition which most people sink into without realization. It all starts with buying something nice to feel good when you are feeling low and before you know it you are always buying tons of items to feel good so that you can escape your problems. Compulsive shoppers will go shopping several times a week or even a day and before they know it they have maxed out all their credit cards. Most of the time, shopaholics will buy things that they do not need with the money that they do not have. Eventually, they end up feeling worse and accumulate huge debts that will only bring them problems later on. The condition is a form of disease that needs treatment if the victim is to restore normalcy to their life.

For the not so severe cases of compulsive shopping, it is possible to talk to the person and let them know that they have a problem. This is because they rarely realize that it is a problem and think that it is perfectly normal. Point out some of the problems that shopping is causing them and it might open up their eyes to want to restore normalcy to their lives. Such people can be kept out of shopping malls and not given money to shop to stop. They can instead find another contrastive hobby that will not put them into trouble.

To avoid falling into the trap of compulsive shopping, some of the things that you can do include learning how to deal with emotions. For instance, when you are angry you can write down or record your emotions until you calm down rather than running to shopping malls. You can also start making all your purchases with cash, debit cards or checks because this will limit you as compared to using credit cards. It also helps you to be more careful with money since you are only spending what you have. Make a list of all the things that need to buy and only buy the things that are on the list.

You can destroy all the credit cards that you have and only leave one to use during emergency cases. Only window shop after the stores have been closed to avoid the temptation of compulsive shopping since you cannot go into the stores. Avoid watching any TV channels that focus on shopping. Get something to do with your free time to curb the urge for shopping like exercising or taking a walk through the park to appreciate nature. Also find someone you trust to talk sense into you when you want to shop to refrain from the activity.

Those who are suffering from severe cases of compulsive shopping should strive to get help from a professional or join a support group to help them work through the disorder. It is quite unfortunate that the first step is to accept that they have a problem, which is often the most difficult step on the path to recovery. Get references from people who have worked with therapists before and do talk to a friend or family member to help you through the recovery process.

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