Ways to Identify a Hoarder

It is not that hard to identify a hoarder as there are certain qualities that are used to characterize them. Some of these include:

Personal hygiene implements. Photo taken at He...

Personal hygiene implements. Photo taken at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ghastly bathrooms

Most hoarders normally neglect personal hygiene thus you will not even want to be caught anywhere near the bathrooms. The room which should be one of the cleanest rooms in the house probably doubles up as a storage room for all their stuff thus it cannot be used for its intended purpose making it turn into a small garbage pit since most of the time they will not even find the time to clean it.


Shopping bags

It is not uncommon to see a hoarder with numerous shopping bags that are stacked in one corner of the house most probably in a neat file. These are mostly used to purchase things that they don’t even need thus most of the time you will also find a number of unopened packages that are just lying around. These does not seem to bother the however as they will still go out to the stores and get more and more shopping bags that will be added to the already bulging pile either in the home or at the office.


Black Mold, insects and Rodents

As a result of not taking care of hygiene the way they are supposed to, you will most likely find that the house mates of the hoarder include black mold, rodnts and insects. These are usually provided a suitable environment to breed and no one seems to mind the fact they don’t even help to pay the rent. Jokes aside, this can end up being very disgusting not forgetting to mention the fact that they help to spread disease and illness which will definitely affect the life of an individual in a negative way.


Lack of a social life

Perhaps due to making “junk” their best friends, you will not find a hoarder with much of a social life. They may find society judgmental perhaps when they visit the house and cannot even find a place to stay. This makes them retract from the social limelight where they prefer to be alone and continue doing their stuff without any interruption. Most of them don’t even notice what they are doing until family and other loved ones point this out where they can decide to either change or ignore and continue with their lonesome lifestyle.


Yard clutter

When the house has been filled to capacity, the hoarder will most likely spill over their most “prized possessions” into the yard. This makes it look very ugly since there is no hint of organization that is put forth in such a place. You can find different types of things from furniture, clothes, magazines, cats and anything else that the individual finds hard to let go off. Most of the time you will not even find a clear pathway that leads into the home thus you can get stuck at the gate with no means of getting into the inside of the house. Even when the situation is this bad the hoarder might still think that it is normal behavior.


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  1. My husband & I have been married for 30 years & live in florida, Our two daughters have left home to go to school in California. Our house is so cluttered that we can’t cook on our stove (too much mail around it) there is no room to eat on the kitchen table, onr person can sit on a couch that should seat 8 people & the clutter has gotten worse with old magazines, catalogs, newspapers (all from the 90’s to present), I cringe when I have to let a phone or TV technician in the house. He keeps promising to cleanup the clutter but he’s been saying that for the last 10 years & nothing gets done. He doesn’t see a problem. I cant live the rest of my life in this home that was once so beautiful & full of life. Please, I’ll consider any help, but he says psychologists & psychiatrists are as “crazy as their patients”. Help!!

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