What is Hoarding?

For those who are wondering what is hoarding? It can be described as a mental condition that is most of them time not understood fully. This is because there is a fine line between a collection and the actual hoarding. While a person may think that a person who collects items like shoes or any valuables is a hoarder they might be wrong as this goes a little deeper than just mere collections. You might say that collectors usually deal with useful items but hoarding on the other hand involves keeping anything that the person thinks might have value later on or has a had time discarding simply because they think that they can help out somewhere in the near future.


Hoarding behaviors

To get a clearer description of what is hoarding? It is important to discuss some of the behaviors that are common to most hoarders. These include:


  • Cluttered living spaces- when you get into the home r even working pace of a hoarder, the fist thing that you will realize is their lack of organization. This is not the simple stuff where you can misplace some papers or pens to handle later but it is a serious situation where you might not even be able to stay comfortably here as there are things practically everywhere.


  • Inability to discard stuff- as the question what is hoarding? is tackled, another common behavior that you should be aware of about the hoarders is their inability to discard anything. They want to hold on to anything that comes their way and can never imaging throwing it away or even giving it to someone. There are times when this is attached to some emotions where you can find that the items they are holding on to were either passed to them by someone they love and is no longer there. They feel therefore that they would be disrespecting their memories should they give them away or use any other technique for discarding them.


  • Impaired function or distress- you will also notice when trying to get the answer to the question what is hoarding? Is that most hoarders are usually distressed and cannot even function normally. This is because they are not able to live normal lived because of the clutter that surrounds them. Most of them will not even take a shower as they are busy manning the items that they have so that they do not miraculously disappear.



It is also important to include in some of the points that seek to answer the question what is hoarding? The fact that there are different varieties of treatment options that the individuals have meaning they don’t have to live with the situations for the rest of their lives. It is usually best to see a professional therapist who will help point in the right direction of treatment to get something that has lasting results and will wok on the patient without fail. Don’t forget that the patients need a lot of support to change their lifestyles completely for the better.


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  1. How do you get help? I do not have one phone number or one name for anyone or anything that assists with hoarding. My flat looks far worse than the one in the photo. I’d happily go to workshops, get therapy, or anything else on offer but I don’t know where any of these things are. I also don’t know anyone who can assist me. And you do not have a list of associations or therapists. Could you fill me in. Thanks.

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